Historic Map

The above map is meant to summarize the entire history of the area. The outline of Midnapore’s pre-development boundaries is based on numerous sources, including the Midnapore I Design Brief and aerial photos from 1969; development of the modern communities did not start until 1977. It should be noted that the “Midnapore area” often referred to this hamlet, as well as modern day Fish Creek Park, and various surrounding farms ; the book Sodbusting to Subdivision’s Midnapore chapter makes reference to individuals as far north as Anderson road. The primary area of interest on this site is roughly Fish Creek to 22X, and the Tsuu T’ina reserve to the Bow River; this is the same as the City of Calgary’s Midnapore Development area, with the addition of Fish Creek Provincial Park. The map also covers things post-annexation and development; history is an ongoing thing, so it’s important to include them.

For more information on some of the sites listed, please see The Resource List

The map will be updated continuously. for any suggestions and corrections.

3 thoughts on “Historic Map

  1. Excellent resource! I moved in just as the 7-11 was replaced by Esso on the Run, and I saw the disappointment in the 7-11 staff’s eyes when it was announced Esso was replacing their own branded store with 7-11 again. IIRC the Esso staff never returned.

    1. Thanks for the comment Michael. The original 7-11 (and accompanying post office) were a fixture in the community, and there was some excitement when the On the Run became a 7-11. However, I didn’t consider the staffing changes, and the impact it would have had on them.

  2. Was also sad to see Rona go – the COVID testing (and now, vaccination) site has become something of a fixture now.

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